Knee-cam Call and Response, 2016-2019
Performers: Gaby D'Angelo and Christhian Diaz

Demonstration of a device which allows a person to navigate through the perspective of her knees. When the user lifts a leg to step, her sight bobbles up and down with it.
The device includes hand-made knee pads with cameras, a fanny pack which houses a microcontroller, and a headset which displays the video from each knee.

Footage from visits to three sites in NYC. The sites include: a series of interconnected rooftops on the Upper East Side, Central Park Petting Zoo, and The People's Beach at
Jacob Riis Park. Each frame represents the images fed to the viewer's left and right eyes respectively

I fantasize about a fully light-perceiving body.
The planarium flatworm can regenerate a new head, eyes, and brain if lost, but what’s more amazing is that the headless fragment is itself able to detect light!